The complex of standing stone sites on the west coast of Lewis with the main site at Callanish is extraordinary. 

These stones have a different meaning to every visitor. Forever changing in the light. An elemental connection between the earth, sky and beyond they inspire and enchant.

Over the years I have developed a relationship of fascination with these stones. I knew nothing about them when I came here 16 yrs ago and I can't truly claim to know much more now. But then they are approx 5000yrs old and the stone is Lewisian Gneiss one of the oldest stone forms in Europe. I am not an educated scholar. I love that because of their great age and the lack of absolutely proven knowlege of what they represent that there are many different theories of their purpose from the practical to the wonderfully mystical. 


I came here to run a tearoom, well that went wrong. In the midst of everything going wrong I learned a little about photography. The rest is just instinct and being fairly tech savvy and useful apps that help to be in the right place at the right time.


So here is a small selection of Callanish photo's.  Day and night in all weathers.