Callanish and STEVE-1
Cllanish Zodiacal Light and Aurora-2
Breasclete village Aurora-1
Breasclete village aurora 1-1
Callanish Aurora-1
Loch Amhastar aurora-2
Breasclete aurora
Callanish Milky way aurora and air glow.


In the Autumn, Winter and Spring months the green glow and sometimes 'dancing' lights of the Aurora Borealis can be seen. In the summer months the never-ending twilight means that it never gets properly dark enough to see the Aurora if it's active but if conditions are favourable Noctilucent clouds can be seen glowing high in the night sky. 


Over the years I have slowly learned to photograph and truly appreciate this somewhat 'magical' experience and have become something of an Aurora chaser.  Happiest when driving around the island to various locations for photography and night sky appreciations. 

Learning all the time about photography, the night sky as well as just appreciating being small under a big, big sky of stars and dancing lights, I know i am one of the luckiest people on earth.